Welcome to my portfolio! My name is Amy Rae and I’m a 24 year old with a passion for all things writing and travel.

I’m an English & Communication Studies grad from McMaster University here to share my various thoughts and opinions in the way I do best … through writing.

So here’s a little bit more about me and what I’ve been up lately. Aside from completing my Bachelor’s Degree, I discovered what I’m truly passionate about – travel. After embarking on an exchange through my University in 2016, spending a semester studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia, everything changed. Not only was this an eye opening experience, but it sparked an inherent need within me to see more of the world. Before starting my exchange in March of that year, I spent a month travelling through Thailand, Singapore, Bali and the East coast of Australia. Since returning from exchange I’ve been to eight other countries – most often as a solo traveller.

As I discovered my love of travel, I realized something was missing – a blog to express how travel was influencing my life. While I had always known I enjoyed writing, it wasn’t until I started my travel blog that I recognized how significant writing was to me. Writing has always been an outlet in my life, whether it was to document memorable moments, or help me get through hard times. Therefore, it seemed fitting to have a space to share my portfolio of writing and add to my written work.

What am I up to now?

After starting my blog and finishing university, I spent a year working and living in Melbourne, Australia! Once my visa ended I spent 10 weeks traveling through New Zealand, the Philippines and Sri Lanka, before heading back home to Toronto, Canada.

While travel writing is my passion, I’ve completed a few internships in the copywriting and digital marketing space. You can find more examples of my work with Avaana, SEO Melbourne and Mo Works under my portfolio tab.

I hope you enjoy my work and look forward to receiving any feedback!

Thanks for reading,

Amy xx