5 Tricks to Avoid the Freshman 15

Now that it’s August and the school year is approaching, most of us are starting to worry about how our figures will turn out while living away from school. Here are some tricks to make sure you avoid gaining the freshman 15 when you go off to University or College this year!

  1. Choose your alcohol carefully:

Everyone knows that the few years you spend at University/College consist of many nights of partying, so it’s important to make sure you aren’t drinking empty calories. Hard alcohol (vodka, gin, run, tequila and whiskey) contain no carbs or sugar and has the least amount of calories (averaging at roughly 90 calories per 1 ounce). Steer clear from beer if you want to avoid gaining weight in alcohol! Also be aware of what drinks you mix your alcohol with and maybe go with a low calorie/low sugar juice rather than pop.

  1. Grocery shop on a full stomach:

Of course its important to be careful about what food you buy when watching your weight so when you hit the grocery store to stock up for the week, make sure you go after eating – this way you won’t be tempted to buy any sugary or ‘junky’ snacks.

  1. Hit the gym after a night of drinking:

Consistent exercise is key when trying to maintain a healthy body but its even more important to go for a gym session after a nigh of drinking. In my first year of University I would go to the gym every weekend after a night out and try to burn half the calories I drank the nights before on the elliptical or treadmill. It also helps to mix in some light weight/strength training to burn more fat!

  1. Stock your room with healthy snacks:

In your first year you’ll most likely be living on campus or nearby, probably not close to many healthy food options. To keep on track with the healthy eating make sure to keep healthy snacks in your dorm room so that when you feel the need to munch on sometime it won’t be going straight to your tummy! Some snacks I would suggest are trail mix, applesauce with no added sugar, rice crackers with hummus, veggie sticks and peanut butter and jam on plain rice cakes. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

  1. Walk to the parties a few blocks away:

You’ll find that in a University/College town that many of the parties/keggers are not often more than a 20-30 minute walk from campus, if not closer! So get off your tush and try walking at least one way (bonus: this will also save you lots of cab/uber money in the long run!). Of course as the weather gets worse this won’t be the most practical so make sure you take advantage of the good weather while you can!

With the right eating and exercise habits, combined with these tricks, you’ll be sure not to gain those dreaded 15 pounds!

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