Electric Elements 2017 – Event Recap

With summer around the corner, there was no better way to celebrate the long weekend than by attending the two-day Electric Elements Festival! Taking place this past May 24 weekend, thousands of people showed up to partake in the festivities and enjoy some tunes by the beach.

While the weather didn’t exactly scream ‘summer is here’, each artist brought a whole new level of energy and excitement to the crowd all night long! With amazing DJ’s from across the world such as Quintino, R3hab, Kshmr, Will Sparks, Knife Party and Carnage (to name a few), Electric Elements 2017 did not disappoint!

With great music came crazy light shows, entertaining dancers and unique backdrops on the stage. What made the festival such a fun experience was the different types of electronic music from each artist. From trance to Melbourne bounce and everything in between, Electric Elements had music to please every type of EDM fan.

Day one was unreal, with the sun shining and artists that brought a lot of energy to their sets. Will Sparks, R3hab and the Carnage closed the show, all of which had the crowd going absolutely crazy – the most memorable moment being Will Sparks and Quintino crowd surfing during Carnage’s set. What a way to end the first day!

Day two was rainy for the most part, but that didn’t stop the crowd from jamming out to their favourite tunes and enjoying the weekend! With artists like Mashd n Kutcher, Dyro, Borgeous, Kshmr and Knife Party playing, the energy was contagious!

The crowd at Electric Elements this year was like no other. Equipped with rain ponchos, dance moves and crazy accessories, they were ready to party! Each person who attended the event really made it such a unique and fun experience, bringing their spirit and love for EDM with them. While the artists threw out unreal music, it was the crowd that kept the party going, rain or shine!

After this year’s outstanding lineup and energy, I can only imagine how great Electric Elements 2018 will be! Make sure to keep an eye out for our Electric Elements recap video soon to come and exclusive interviews with DJs Andy Ares, Thomas Gold, Quintino and Saad Ayub!


Still can’t get over the vibe from the festival this year and already counting the days till next years event!!

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