Top 15 Best Restaurants in Toronto with Décor

Trying to find the perfect spot for some unique and decorative dining in Toronto? Well look no further! Here are Toronto’s top 15 best restaurants with amazing décor!

  1. Carbon Bar

With modern lighting, high ceilings, artsy décor and plush red seating throughout, this restaurant has got our attention!

carbon bar

  1. Momofuku

Located inside the Shangri La, Momofuku is a beautiful spot to grab a bite to eat. This spot has a stunning open layout, allowing the light to come in and the seating area is done in wood, making the space feel warm and inviting!

  1. El Catrin

If you’re in the mood for Mexican you must check out El Catrin! Located in the Distillery District with a patio for dining outside in good weather, this place is worth checking out! With authentic Mexican décor inside and a rustic patio outside, there is never a bad time to enjoy food at El Catrin!

  1. Patria

Located in the Fashion District, Patria offers a classic Spanish cuisine in a beautifully decorated space! With a mixture of warm colours and a modern atmosphere, with plush seating and a well lit dining area, Patria makes for a lovely place to go for dinner.


Valdez – This is now a Latin restaurant – was rebranding 2017 | BARO Food + Drink. The Baro is where traditional Latin Culture and cuisine is reimagined with distinct modern flair and becomes something entirely it’s own.

  1. Bar Raval

This restaurant most definitely has a unique décor inside with a wooden interior with circular features cut out around the bar, windows and ceiling. Definitely worth checking out!

  1. The Chase

The Chase has beautiful, modern white interior with bright lighting, allowing you to enjoy a nice meal any day or night. They also have a rooftop patio if weather permits.

  1. R&D

Located in Chinatown, this Canadian-Chinese restaurant has unique lighting, art and seating for an exceptional dining experience!

  1. Colette Grand Café

This French bistro has more than great food to offer! With a beautiful outdoor terrace and white décor inside, accompanied by wooden accents, you might think you’re in France!

  1. Cluny bistro

Located in the Distillery District, this French bistro features a wooden interior with an exposed brick wall, white and blue accent pieces, mixing modern with a traditional look.

  1. Byblos

This Mediterranean restaurant has circular, secluded booths, as well as modern décor throughout!

  1. O.Noir

This restaurant most definitely stands out among the rest due to the lighting – or lack thereof. Offering a dining experience in the dark, O.Noir has comfortable seating and few dimly lit areas outside of the dining area to give customers the experience of opening their other senses while enjoying a meal.

  1. Gallery Grill

Best suited for lunches, the Gallery Grill features stained glass windows, high ceilings and wooden décor that provides a unique dining experience!

  1. Arriba restaurant

Located inside of the Roger’s Centre, with a birds eye view of the field below, Arriba restaurant offers quite the exclusive place to enjoy a meal and sports game! With colourful and modern décor, there’s not much you can ask for!

  1. Sultan’s Tent and café moroc

Located near the St. Lawrence Market, this French-Moroccan restaurant has secluded dining sections for each group and colourful décor throughout, really working with the Moroccan theme!

So now all you have to do is try out each and every one of these awesome restaurants for yourself!

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