Our Story

The Beginning

The story begins 10 years ago, when Chad Cohen and Brandon Levin first met and started to grow their friendship. After spending numerous months travelling through Europe in 2015-16, their friendship was stronger than ever.

Chad came to Brandon with the idea of cultivating a business that could fit in the palm of their hands. As men who not only had an inherent interest in watches, but were also collectors, it only seemed fitting to combine their passion for watches and knack for business. With a bond as strong as their motivation and desire to pursue their dreams, Fortem Watch Company was born!

The Design

While travelling through Europe, Chad was inspired by the minimalistic feel of Denmark, paired with the sensation of resiliency found in big cities such as London and New York. The idea behind the first range of watches, depicting mountainous scenery, originated from Chad and Brandon’s trip to the Jungfrau Summit in Switzerland.

Ever since, each range stems from their combined personal tastes that provide you with luxury at an unimaginable price! Available in a range of leather straps and stainless steel casing, Fortem Watch Company delivers a unique watch; suitable for any occasion or everyday wear.

The Dream

Fortem Watch Company was built on a dream – a dream that with passion, determination and drive, you will succeed. Wearing one of our quality and precision watches fosters a newfound confidence, bringing you one step closer to the lifestyle you desire.

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