Being Mindful of Mindfulness

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It’s 7am and your alarm clock goes off. You roll out of bed, hop in the shower, head to work and go about your day as usual. You repeat these events over and over again without stopping to ‘smell the flowers’. Sound familiar? This is a common example of being mindless in your everyday life. If you’ve ever wanted to be more present and take control of your thoughts, learning how to be mindful can help you get there!

Mind full or mindful?

The average person is in autopilot nearly 47% of the time, which is astonishing! That means we are missing out on being present for almost half our life! The great thing is that engaging in mindful practice assists with taking our brains off autopilot, so we can be fully present.

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While practicing mindfulness can be challenging to master initially, once you get into the habit of practicing it regularly you will wonder why you didn’t start it earlier. Practicing mindfulness can work wonders on your overall happiness and wellbeing. Additionally, being more in touch with daily goings on can have a positive affect on those around you, too.

Mindful meditation

Mindfulness can be practiced in different ways. One such way is through mindful meditation. In fact, meditation is considered to be a formal way of being mindful. Mindful meditation can be undertaken while sitting, standing or lying down. Meditation may help ‘rewire the brain for happiness’. This is achieved by focusing your attention on what you’re doing in the moment and why you’re doing it.

Living in the now, how?

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As mentioned, formal meditation isn’t the only way to train yourself to be more mindful. Some ways you can practice mindfulness each day are:

  1. Focusing: Recharge your body and mind with a stroll around the block. Be aware of how your body feels, where your mind goes and what senses you are engaging as you take each step
  2. Reflecting: Think about the events of the day and find at least one happy, funny or positive aspect. This will help you focus on the good in your life. It may even help to write down these thoughts in a daily journal! Being able to reflect gives you an opportunity to learn from mistakes and focus on what’s important to you
  3. Mindful hydrating: Take a sip of water and focus on the space in your mouth and the water as it fills it. Allow the water to slowly make it’s way down your throat, focusing on the sensation. Before repeating this each time, inhale deeply and slowly exhale
  4. Colouring in: Be fully aware of which colour you choose as you work away at this colouring in project. Feel your troubles and other thoughts racing through your mind fade away. You should focus on staying within the lines and the task at hand

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