Jake Move – Furniture Removals Thomastown to Frankston

Planning a move isn’t always easy, but with Jake Move it can be! As your #1 movers in Melbourne, we pride ourselves on making your moving experience and furniture removals stress free! Mrs. Kaufman gave us a call when she was helping her daughter move from their family home in Thomastown to a new place in Frankston. She thought it would be much easier to move everything all at once instead of making multiple trips back and forth, being over an hour-long journey. She had sustained a back injury so she needed people she could rely on to help move large objects. With her daughter’s bed, a fridge and desks, it’s a good thing she called Jake Move for help!

Thomastown furniture removals

Tomastown furniture removals

Two members of our crew set out in our 8 tonne truck to Thomastown on the weekend and had Mrs. Kaufman’s daughter’s belongings packed and ready to go in record time! Our efficient work, alongside keeping her delicate items safe, impressed our new client immensely. We moved a small chandelier and other glass objects no problem.

After arriving at the house in Frankston, we moved everything up to her second story place with ease, within two short hours! Mrs. Kaufman and her daughter had previously had trouble with other movers and were first time customers of ours. Our professionalism and timeliness for the cost incurred made the customer ecstatic! They assured us that they wouldn’t hesitate to call Jake Move next time they needed help with furniture removals. They also referred us to a friend who will be moving shortly and using our services.

Frankston furniture removals

At Jake Move we guarantee that the job will get done right – whether it’s furniture  furniture removals and storageoffice moving or anything in between, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call today at 1300 766 658 or shoot us an email at info@jakemove.com.au for a free quote.

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