Travel at any age is a valuable experience and opportunity that sparks motivation, purpose and a sense of overall quality in one’s life. At Fortem Watch Company, each team member developed personally one way or another, through travel. As the co-founder’s fashioned their watch company around their love for adventure and exploration of the world, it is clear that travel plays an inherent role in cultivating a diverse watch company that is desirable to all!

Not only did travel influence the beginning of Fortem Watch Company, but it has been the backbone of the company and Fortem team by the way in which it inspires constant personal motivation that drives corporate output. Through the many ups and downs of traveling, the co-founders came to learn many things along the way, all of which have taught them valuable life lessons.

When reflecting on travel and the impact it’s had on the company thus far, co-founder Chad zeroed in on how living in Denmark changed his perspective of the world as well as business. Describing his experience as “eye opening and amazing”, Chad spoke to how immersing himself in another culture has sparked his determination to do what makes him happy. Fortem Watch Company has been founded on this ongoing determination and drive and continues to set forth in doing so while providing quality watches.

Those who wear Fortem watches aren’t afraid to take the path less travelled by and embark on an adventure of personal growth, in order to reach their pinnacle of happiness. Here at Fortem, we hope to inspire everyone to follow their hearts and discover what truly makes them happy.  Each individual’s journey is a part of what completes the Fortem team and we’d love to hear from how travel inspires you on a daily basis! Touch base with the Fortem team at